The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute inspires world-changing machine intelligence for good and for all

Our mission is to make artificial intelligence and machine learning the primary drivers of sustainable growth for Alberta’s economy – through great research, advisement and education.



Collegiality: Work independently and collectively for the team

Passionate Curiosity: Seek deeper understanding and celebrate discovery

Enable Impact: Act with intention that creates positive change

Scientific Excellence: Advance the world’s knowledge with diligence and rigour

Conscientiousness: Address hard questions to do the right thing

Our Approach

We partner with startups, SMEs and enterprise companies to support their needs as they explore and drive AI/ML adoption in their work. Our Project Management, Science, and Education teams come together to provide expertise and hands-on support for our industry partners.


Virtuous Circle

Amii’s Virtuous Circle represents our role in creating world-changing machine intelligence. We support cutting-edge research and leverage scientific advancement into industry adoption. This enables our world-leading researchers to focus on solving tough problems while our teams translate knowledge, talent and technology – creating an integrated system that allows research and industry to thrive.


AI Adoption Spectrum

Amii has developed an AI Adoption Spectrum, a tool used to identify a company’s current capabilities in AI/ML and better tailor services to meet those specific needs. The Adoption Spectrum reflects the general stages a company goes through as they build in-house AI capabilities that drive value across business units.


Amii began in 2002 as the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning (AICML), a joint effort between the Government of Alberta and the University of Alberta (UAlberta).

Originally funded through the Alberta Ingenuity Fund, the research centre soon became known as the Alberta Innovates Centre for Machine Learning after being brought under the umbrella of Alberta Innovates. In 2017 the centre rebranded as Amii, becoming part of the $125 million CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy and launching as a not-for-profit in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown core.

Over its eighteen-year history, and thanks to forward-looking investments by Alberta Innovates and the Government of Alberta, Amii has built a world-class team of researchers at the University of Alberta and affiliated institutions.

Since its inception, Amii has increased its research capacity in AL/ML nearly five-fold, starting with four co-founding members at the University of Alberta and now funding the research of nineteen Fellows (including five Canada CIFAR AI Chairs) and three Canada CIFAR AI Chairs at universities across Western Canada.


We’re hard at work solving the world’s toughest problems using machine intelligence, building a great research institute that attracts the brightest minds and sparking curiosity in business leaders here at home and around the world. To keep our team thriving, we’re seeking people driven by the opportunity to make a lasting impact on Amii and to help us get closer to our goal of building a thriving machine intelligence ecosystem in Alberta.

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