Fatima Davelouis

Machine Learning Intern

Fatima is a Machine Learning Intern working on the Advanced Tech team at Amii. She is currently working on a project with NRC that aims help scientists understand how genes relate to one another and which ones are more important for desired characteristics in crops.

Fatima previously completed an internship as a research engineer at NTWIST, where she applied reinforcement learning techniques to help automate certain processes of a nickel refinery. She also completed three summer research internships at the University of Alberta, where she also earned her undergraduate degree in mathematics. She is currently earning a MSc in Computing Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence/Reinforcement Learning, working with Professor Michael Bowling.

Her projects ranged from numerical analysis applied to quantum physical systems to supervised machine learning and reinforcement learning. She worked with Professor Russ Greiner in the development of survival prediction tools applied to medical datasets, as well as with Professor Michael Bowling and Dustin Morrill in the design and testing of risk-averse reinforcement learning methods.

Fatima is interested in computational perception, in particular how AI systems can extract meaningful features of the sensory information they receive in real time. She is also curious about how intelligent systems can integrate different types of sensory inputs to create abstract representations.

In her spare time, Fatima enjoys walking to her local library to pick up books on political philosophy, and wants to learn more about how societies have developed certain values over the course of history. She also enjoys suspense novels and period pieces. Fatima loves jogging, rollerblading, salsa dancing, attending improv shows and playing board games.

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