Amii Educates boosts
machine intelligence
skills and literacy

Let Amii be your guide

We grow machine intelligence literacy in Alberta through educational opportunities that build, upskill, reskill and nurture machine intelligence talent:


— We upskill Albertans to be future-ready by giving them new knowledge and competencies in machine intelligence


— We reskill Alberta’s workers for continued competitiveness in a machine-intelligence enabled world


— We nurture Alberta’s growing machine intelligence talent by helping knowledge and ideas flow throughout the community


— We help build the next generation of machine intelligence scientists
Current Offerings
ML Technician Certification (beginning February 6, 2020)


— University of Alberta Faculty of Extension’s Machine Learning for Managers


— Coursera Machine Learning: Algorithms in the Real World Specialization


— Coursera Reinforcement Learning Specialization Course


— University of Alberta’s AI Seminars


Bespoke Training
Increase your organization’s AI literacy through our bespoke training program. Our custom seminars, workshops and programs will help your team develop a robust understanding of AI, machine learning and their real-world applications.
Working With Us
— A client-focused approach to training services that suit your organization’s goals


— An efficient consultation process to assess training needs and solutions


— Relevant and practical, hands-on learning


— New ideas, tools, and techniques to improve employees’ skills


— High quality curriculum developed by applied machine learning scientists and adult educators


— Professional instructors with adult education experience


— Convenient scheduling with on-site or off-site training options
Partner Offerings
— University of Calgary: Certificate in Fundamental Data Science and Analytics


— University of Calgary: Diploma in Data Science and Analytics (specializations in Data Science, Business Analytics and Health Data Science & Biostatistics)


— University of Calgary: Undergraduate Minor in Data Science


— University of Calgary: Bachelor of Commerce Concentration in Business Analytics


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