Amii Innovates
enables the growth of
machine intelligence
capacity in business

The Amii Innovates Program guides businesses on the path to machine intelligence adoption. Amii helps businesses develop strategies, shift processes and systems, and build in-house knowledge and teams.
Building your
internal machine
intelligence capacity
Our Amii Innovates program has one goal – to build your internal capacity for machine learning. How we do that depends on your business needs.

Working with your team, we explore seven questions that help identify your machine learning goals and provide the foundation for a customized learning and development program.

1. How does my company do machine learning?

2. How can I build our ML team?

3. Is our team on the right track?

4. How can I improve the quality of our machine learning projects?

5. How can I access extra science help?

6. What is the best way to train my staff?

7. I think I have a really hard problem – how can I solve it?

Four core offerings
Amii Innovates has four core offerings that address these questions to enable you to increase your internal machine learning capacity and capability.

Machine Intelligence Roadmap – Create a foundation for future success
This two-day session is designed to educate and engage your team. Led by our expert machine learning advisors, your team works collectively to identify processes that are ideal machine learning opportunities – from low-hanging fruit to transformational projects. Participants gain experience identifying machine learning tasks in their workflows, enabling them to generate further ideas in the future.

Project Validation – De-risk your investment
Amii’s machine learning scientists and machine learning advisors team up with your company’s domain experts to refine the business problem statement guiding your machine learning initiatives and evaluate your supporting data. We provide actionable insights on your data, a high-level prescription of our recommended methodologies and help you identify potential risks for each aspect of the project.

Advisory & Mentorship – Guide on the side
Amii’s machine learning scientists provide expert scientific guidance and oversight as your team executes on your machine learning project. Throughout your project, our scientists schedule regular check-ins with your technical staff to review progress and help formulate strategies and next steps.

Research Support – Your team, amplified
Amii’s machine learning scientists apply their collective knowledge to the execution of your business’s machine learning project. Using our proprietary Machine Learning Process Lifecycle, our team ensures research on your business problem drives toward a clear business objective. Working alongside our team, your business experts gain first-hand experience with the machine learning process and take an instrumental role in ensuring a successful research program.

As an Alberta-based organization,
we prioritize businesses located in our province.
Amii offers flexible pricing based on your
organizations scale and needs.