Ana – Automated Nursing Agent

Principal Investigator:
Osmar Zaïane

Problem we’re trying to solve

Ana, a conversational software agent (ie chatbot), is designed to converse with the elderly living at home to answer general questions and remind them of specific events. Ana is able to extract from conversations named entities (ie places, people, prescriptions, recipe names, etc.) as well as relationships (ie family tied, professions, activities, temporal events, etc.) Ana extracts information from text obtained from a speech-to-text converter; from this, it builds a personalized knowledge base that allows it to answer personal questions. Ana can also answer impersonal questions from sources on the Internet.

How will this help someone / an industry?

In addition to developing a speech interface for human-machine interaction, Ana seeks to improve elderly home care by providing a personal assistant and a digital companion. Ana helps with social needs (through questions and answers) and assists with simple home healthcare needs (ie. prescription reminders).

Type of MI used

Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing.