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Amii's world-renown experts work to deliver intelligent solutions for organizations of all kinds across a number of industries on a project-by-project basis.

We work collaboratively with businesses in Alberta and beyond to provide customized, machine intelligence solutions that meet a particular business need or solve a specific problem.

Contact Amii today, and learn how machine intelligence can enhance your business.


industrial affiliate program

For those seeking a deeper level of engagement, the Industrial Affiliate Program provides a structure for companies and other organizations to engage with Amii experts, our research and other innovations in the field of machine intelligence.

Through facilitated interactions as one of our Affiliates, you will discover the latest advancements in machine intelligence and gain enhanced access to Amii’s world-leading researchers and students. The program is open to any interested organization. 

affiliate Benefits

  • Annual Affiliates Day featuring opportunities to connect with Amii researchers and students plus brief presentations on our latest advancements and innovations
  • Free technical webinars, including AI Seminars (approx. 40 per year), select thesis presentations and more
  • Recruitment opportunities including a list of expected graduates (participating students only) and their areas of expertise
  • Specialized Affiliate services* enable you to tailor the program to your needs and directly engage Amii experts in developing custom machine intelligence solutions (*over and above the Industrial Affiliate Program)

industrial affiliates