Principal Investigator
Michael Bowling

Problem we’re trying to solve

For several years, AI researchers have had a number of different techniques for predicting and planning optimal actions in situations of perfect information (where all actors have the same, full knowledge of the world). Techniques have been lacking for dealing with imperfect information situations (where actors do not have access to certain information or have access to information the other doesn’t). DeepStack seeks to successfully apply, for the first time, theoretical techniques for perfect information games into situations with imperfect information.

How will this help someone / an industry?

For computing scientists and AI researchers, DeepStack represents a foundational step forward in dealing with issues around predicting optimal actions in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty. The theoretical advancements demonstrated in DeepStack will open new avenues of research for scientists interested in building, and planning with, models of unknown, complex dynamic systems.

Type of MI used

Reinforcement learning, Deep learning