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ai seminar: robert schapire

  • University of Alberta 3-33 Computing Science Centre Edmonton, AB Canada (map)

"sample-efficient reinforcement learning with rich observations"

Abstract: We study a version of reinforcement learning in which the agent must learn how to choose actions based on observations so as to maximize long-term reward. We focus especially on when the observations may be realistically rich, such as images, text documents, patient records, etc. We introduce a new algorithm for systematic exploration, in other words, for discovering through experimentation how best to choose actions. Along the way, we also propose a new measure called the “Bellman rank” which we argue captures the degree to which the learning problem exhibits underlying structure, and which can be favorably bounded in a number of previously studied cases. We show that the Bellman rank determines the statistical efficiency of our algorithm, which, although not computationally efficient, requires a number of samples that is polynomial in the Bellman rank as well as more standard parameters, but which is entirely independent of the size of the observation space.

This work is joint with Nan Jiang, Akshay Krishnamurthy, Alekh Agarwal, and John Langford.

Bio: Robert Schapire is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research in New York City. He received his PhD from MIT in 1991. After a short post-doc at Harvard, he joined the technical staff at AT&T Labs (formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories) in 1991. In 2002, he became a Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. He joined Microsoft Research in 2014. His awards include the 1991 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award, the 2003 Gödel Prize, and the 2004 Kanelakkis Theory and Practice Award (both of the last two with Yoav Freund). He is a fellow of the AAAI, and a member of both the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences. His main research interest is in theoretical and applied machine learning, with particular focus on boosting, online learning, game theory, and maximum entropy

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