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AI Founders Master Class

Oct. 13, 2021 - Nov. 3, 2021


Learn the fundamentals of being a founder and what is required to build an AI startup! Designed by researchers for researchers, this course includes Q&A components and office hours with the Radical Ventures Team.

Join this online four-part master class, held weekly from October 13 to November 3:

  • Session 1: Am I a founder? - October 13, 5:00 - 7:00pm ET
  • Session 2: What problem am I trying to solve? - October 20, 5:00 - 7:00pm ET
  • Session 3: How do I build an AI product? - October 27, 5:00 - 7:00pm ET
  • Session 4: How do I build an AI business? - November 3, 5:00 - 7:00pm ET

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Fei-Fei Li is the inaugural Sequoia Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, and Co-Director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute. She served as the Director of Stanford’s AI Lab from 2013 to 2018. And during her sabbatical from Stanford from January 2017 to September 2018, she was Vice President at Google and served as Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google Cloud. Her current research interests include cognitively inspired AI, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and AI+healthcare especially ambient intelligent systems for healthcare delivery.
  • Pieter Abbeel is Professor and Director of the Robot Learning Lab at UC Berkeley, Co-Director of the Berkeley AI Research (BAIR) Lab, Co-Founder of, Co-Founder of Gradescope, Advisor to OpenAI, Founding Faculty Partner AI@TheHouse venture fund, and an advisor to many AI/robotics startups. He works in machine learning and robotics; in particular, his research focuses on making robots learn from people (apprenticeship learning), how to make robots learn through their own trial and error (reinforcement learning) and how to speed up skill acquisition through learning-to-learn (meta-learning).
  • Tomi Poutanen is the Chief AI Officer of TD Bank and a co-founder of Layer 6 AI, which was acquired by TD Bank. He’s the cofounder and CTO of, an online service providing a unique platform for people to discuss and curate music and other cultural content. Prior to Milq, Tomi founded Optimized Search Algorithms, which was sold to Yahoo. While at Yahoo, Tomi was the founder of a search-engine related advertising business, Paid Inclusion, which grew to a $200M-per-year business. He also served as the head of Yahoo’s International search operations. He cofounded Data Compression Technologies in his university days, which was acquired by Microsoft in 1996.

Please note: the master class is designed to build on prior weeks' learnings; participants will get the most out of the series by attending all four sessions in sequence.

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