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Amii's Virtual AI Meetup – September 17, 2020

Sept. 17, 2020 - Sept. 17, 2020
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. MDT


Gather with the brightest minds in the AI community from Edmonton and beyond at Amii’s Virtual AI Meetup!


Learn about the latest tools and techniques in machine learning, and explore topics that researchers and industry professionals are thinking about or working on. Each meetup features two presenters; at the end of each presentation, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.

Presenters for this month include:

Mohammad Motallebi – Amii researcher at the xAI Lab

Artificial intelligence systems are known to many as the wizard that when provided with some input data, can predict or classify it based on some learned model. But what is unclear to users is why these systems give those outcomes. The field of eXplainable AI (XAI) tries to answer this question. In this talk I will cover some of the definitions and fundamentals of XAI. I will go through some of the cases that the industry can leverage XAI and provide some examples to illustrate it. Then I will briefly explain one of the main works in XAI (LIME) and our extension to it, called Black-box Association Rule-Based Explanations.

Matthew E. Taylor – Amii Fellow & Associate Professor at UAlberta

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a machine learning technique that has received increasing interest from the academic and industrial research communities. In this talk, I aim to explain why RL is awesome, highlight how RL is different from other machine learning methods, give examples of where RL can be used, and present a selection of open RL research problems. I will also provide suggestions for how those interested could best learn more about RL, in addition to taking formal academic classes on the subject.

Join us virtually for Amii’s monthly AI Meetup and be a part of building Alberta’s growing AI community!

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