FMRI-based Diagnosis & Treatment

Principal Investigator:
Russ Greiner

Problem we’re trying to solve

Current methods of diagnosing neurological and psychological disorders often rely on the subjective assessment of a patient’s symptoms by a clinical psychiatrist. These assessments can differ between psychiatrists, leading to different recommendations for a treatment plan. We aim to provide these psychologists with tools that provide objective criteria for diagnosis and the assessment of symptom severity in order to provide psychiatrists data-driven methodologies for assessing patients.

How will this help someone / an industry?

Our goal with this project is to use machine learning techniques to produce clinical tools that could assist medical doctors in providing faster, more effective treatment for neurological and psychiatric illnesses. We are exploring the use of brain imaging to diagnose mental disorders earlier and more accurately, to predict symptoms and their severity, and to predict which combination of drug therapies will work best for a given patient.


IBM Research