Greiner Lab seeking Postdoctoral Fellows

The Greiner Lab, within the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) at the University of Alberta, is seeking strong researchers to hire as Postdoctoral Fellows.

Postdoctoral Fellows will help the Greiner Lab (along with medical researchers and clinicians) address a number of interesting and important medical-informatics tasks (including learning models for managing, screening, diagnosis, and/or prognosis) related to:

using technologies that include:

  • Metabolic profiles
  • Microarray / NGS / SNP / CNV, etc.
  • Clinical data
  • Images, scans, etc.

as well as foundational topics such as:

See also Possible Projects.

The ideal candidate has:

  • A PhD in Computer Science or a closely related field
  • A research record related to Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (eg, first-author papers at ICML, NeurIPS, UAI, AAAI, IJCAI)
  • Experience working on medical projects (eg, papers in medical/biological journals)

To apply, please email the following to and use ‘PDF Medical Informatics 2019‘ as the subject of your email:

  • A cover letter, specifying which projects most interest you and indicating why you feel that you qualify (optionally, summarize how you would work on each such project)
  • Your CV, including a description of any previous research or industrial jobs you have held
  • Names and email addresses of at least 2 references