Industry Solutions

Now, more than ever, our partners in industry need expertise and resources to build in-house AI capabilities. Do you want to grow, improve operations and solve complex problems using AI? Our collaborative teams of project managers, scientists, educators and Fellows-in-Residence are ready to help.

Industry Solutions

Impact in Business

We’ve invested in advanced AI research for decades. Now, we’re here to steer your company to the best path forward to adopt these breakthroughs.

We partner with companies of all sizes, across industries, to drive innovation strategy and provide practical guidance and advice, corporate training and talent recruitment services. The true potential of AI is unlocked when you build internal capabilities, and that’s where we excel.

Work With Us

We work with companies at every stage of AI adoption - from exploring use cases to advanced research - and take pride in translating for our clients the knowledge and technologies produced by our world-leading researchers.

You can harness the potential of AI through a variety of services, programs and opportunities. Our Investment & Partnerships team is ready to explore your AI readiness and identify where working with us will have the greatest impact for your organization.



Reducing Emissions through Machine Intelligence

The REMI program is designed to progress companies, from startups to small and medium businesses to multinational corporations, along the AI Adoption Spectrum, focusing on GHG reduction projects. We take a phased approach to set your team up for success at each crucial junction of your project - from ideation to proof-of-concept model.

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ML Exploration Program

Our Startup accelerator

Get AI-ready in 5 weeks! This free online program is intended for startups that are interested in learning more about machine learning (ML) and how it can directly impact their business and drive business value for them.

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