Reducing Emissions through Machine Intelligence

We look forward to coaching your team on how to adopt AI for GHG reduction. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to broadly apply new skills and knowledge in AI and ML further to increase business effectiveness in areas outside of emission reduction.

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Make Tangible Progress

It’s no secret that AI holds opportunities to increase revenue, improve operations and solve complex problems.

Our REMI program provides an accelerated opportunity to move your organizational technology adoption strategy forward.

Over the years, our work with clients in the energy sector has been rewarding and informative. We know that you are dedicated to improving your employees' lives, the communities you serve and are proud of the vital role you play in the nation's economy. GHG reduction is just one part of a multi-faceted approach business leaders in the energy and agriculture sectors are taking to address ambitious goals related to environmental, social and governance performance.

Key Dates for our first cohort - Energy 1:

  • September 9, 2020: Applications open
  • September 24, 2020: Application review begins - Energy 1
  • October 2, 2020: Applications close - Energy 1
    • Please note Energy 1 may fill before the application deadline.
      Apply before September 24th to avoid disappointment.
  • October 26, 2020: Energy Cohort 1 onboarding
  • November 2, 2020: Phase 1 Launch - Energy 1
  • December 7, 2020: Phase 2 Launch - Energy 1
  • March 1, 2021: Phase 3 Launch - Energy 1

The REMI program is made possible through the support of the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Parks TIER Program. Read more about the funding announcement.

Message from our CEO

Download the REMI Program Guide to hear from our CEO, Cam Linke, and learn more about the impact REMI will have on your business. The Guide also contains all the information you need related to team requirements, workload allocations, and benefits.

A Phased Approach

REMI is designed to progress companies, from startups to small and medium businesses to multinational corporations, along the AI Adoption Spectrum, focusing on GHG reduction projects. We take a phased approach to set your team up for success at each crucial junction of your project - from ideation to proof-of-concept model.

The program is structured to help you form a business case for investing in AI adoption, through a build model, for your management and investment team. With clear outcomes and progress at each milestone.

  • Phase 1: Foundations

    Participants gain foundational AI knowledge and create a roadmap for potential AI projects focused on GHG reduction. This programming phase includes hands-on training opportunities and facilitated sessions with a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, scientists, educators and domain experts.

  • Phase 2: Commitments

    Companies define, specify and scope a machine learning (ML) project; and mitigate the risk of introducing AI and ML projects into various operations, processes and business lines.

  • Phase 3: GHG Reduction

    Teams advance a selected ML emission reduction project to a proof-of-concept model, and upon graduation, can broadly apply new skills and knowledge in AI and ML to further increase business effectiveness in areas outside of emission reduction.

Your Program Experience

Bring together a team of high-performers, from across business units, to experience specialized programs and services geared towards energy and agriculture sector domain experts. We have taken some of our most in-demand offerings and made them even better by developing sector-specific knowlege bases, and creating opportunities for networking, peer-to-peer mentorship, and ongoing professional development opportunities for your team.

  • ML Foundations

    • Brainstorm ideas, learn foundational skills
    • Understand use cases
    • Gain confidence in knowing what AI can and can’t do
    • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of build, buy and partner models of AI adoption
  • Applied ML Foundations

    • Ability to scope a business process using an ML lens
    • Experience the ML Process Lifecycle
    • Understand ML Evaluation and Proxies
  • AI Planning and Initiating Series

    • Create an AI Adoption Business Canvas with a map of AI projects to move forward
    • Identify ML potential for GHG reduction
    • Gain a peer-to-peer network and greater exposure to the AI community
  • Scoping

    • Define, specify and scope their first ML emission reduction project
    • Mitigate the risk of introducing AI/ML projects into various operations, processes and business lines
    • Receive mentorship and coaching, trusted co-opetition peers
  • Project Advisement

    • Advance a selected ML emission reduction project to a proof-of-concept model, with guidance from Amii, that can then be used to support a business case for further development and implementation
    • Reduce GHG emissions by identifying operational trends and patterns quickly that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to detect using traditional techniques
    • Apply new skills and knowledge in AI and ML to further increase business effectiveness in areas outside of emission reduction.
    • Gain greater access to AI talent and meet our research community
  • Certificates and Executive Training - Exclusive Pricing

    • Receive priority enrolment and a 20% discount on our ML Technician Certification and AI Strategy and Management Executive Course
    • Extend this benefit to your entire organization to ramp up AI knowledge and expertise to move future projects forward faster

Ready to learn more?

Our Program Guide has all the information you need to apply, including team structure, timing and model.

Submit your application

We are currently accepting applications for Energy Cohort 1. Please read the Program Guide in advance of your application.

We look forward to reading your applications and setting up a discovery call to fast-track your acceptance.

Application deadline October 2nd.

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