Supply Chain AI West

Our first accelerator stream

Get hands-on training and coaching as you build AI-powered supply chain products and solutions.

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For nearly two decades, Alberta has held a role as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) research, and now is the time to harness this investment to create opportunities for our shared future.

Supply Chain AI West is our first accelerator stream and is focused on creating the disciplined environment required for founders to establish an AI strategic direction and begin execution while also bringing together a community of experts to provide advice and access to their extended networks.

Startups play an important role in the adoption of novel technologies like AI in traditional industries. As a former tech founder, I know that startup teams have the drive, flexibility and motivation to solve big problems. With Supply Chain AI West, we look forward to working with nimble startup teams to provide hands-on training and act as their coach as they build AI-powered supply chain products and solutions.

Cam Linke, CEO

The Supply Chain AI West accelerator is made possible through the support of SCALE AI.

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Are you a technical founder, CTO or lead a technical team looking for AI coaching?

Supply Chain AI West is a competitive accelerator program with space available for up to 10 ventures that share SCALE AI and Amii’s vision of positioning Canada as a global leader in AI and supply chain management.

To make up the cohort of 10 ventures, Amii is seeking seven startups. Additionally, up to three places will be considered for early-stage founders looking for a de-risked and supportive environment to begin their business through participation in a cohort-based program.

Apply by December 20, 2021.


Your Program Experience

Taking a sprint approach, you’ll experience a variety of activities with Amii, building upon your progress in the previous sprint:

  • Training

    Amii led instruction to upskill your CTO or technical team members, with additional opportunities to engage team members in non-technical activities to align AI strategy.

  • Coaching

    One-on-one sessions with your technical team to discuss progress, obstacles and brainstorming on the next steps. Coaching at Amii works on an accountabilities model - you must share and demonstrate work done in the previous sprint to secure and progress to the next meeting.

  • Peer-to-Peer Network

    Join your Supply Chain AI West peers to present ideas, share progress and work through challenges.

  • Office Hours

    30 or 60-minute slots that a participant can select to talk to Amii’s team for individual interaction pertaining to their progress, obstacles and next steps.

  • Investor Prep and Demo Day

    Gain feedback and insights on how to showcase your AI progress to investors, then celebrate your success and make connections to the broader AI ecosystem at Demo Day. In preparation for this opportunity, startups will receive investor relations mentorship with an AI lens.

  • Areas of Interest

    We're keen to work with startups tackling challenges in the supply chain domain. This includes storage and warehousing, distribution, procurement, production, supply chain finance, urban mobility and autonomous vehicles, retailing and logistics - land, air and maritime.

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