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Job Opportunity: Data Scientist (Contract Position)

One of Canada’s three main institutes for artificial intelligence (AI), the ​Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii)​ is a global leader in AI and machine learning (ML). Our world-renowned researchers drive fundamental and applied research at the University of Alberta and train some of the world’s top talent while our team of expert applied science team works collaboratively with Alberta-based businesses to generate economic impact. Amii engages with a host of community stakeholders through ongoing workshops, seminars, meetups, and upskilling programs.

We believe machine intelligence is poised to be the primary driver for sustainable growth for Alberta’s economy. As an Amii Data Scientist, you’ll use your skills in programming, statistics, and visual communication to directly impact Alberta businesses by supporting the development of ML models, evaluating data resources, and directing project definition for applied ML. Working closely with our team of Machine Learning Scientists, you will help empower our partner companies (Innovation Affiliates), with the knowledge and skills they need to drive a successful machine intelligence strategy and ensure the right ML resources and techniques are used on their internal projects.

Role Summary

An Amii Data Scientist provides support to the Machine Learning Scientists on data analysis and integration for client engagements. Primary work includes data acquisition, preprocessing, exploratory analysis and documentation of the findings. Asking the right questions and determining an effective path to analyze and interpret the data are key components of the position. An Amii Data Scientist works with current and evolving data science tools and techniques to develop appropriate descriptive and prescriptive analysis.


Data science requires creative and analytical problem-solving skills with an attention to detail, including experience in understanding the complexity involved in turning data into conclusions. The selected candidate should be able to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of certain datasets and make inferences on the readiness of the data to build ML solutions.

Relationship with Stakeholders

The selected candidate will work closely with the Machine Learning Scientists and external project partners to ensure that information and deliverables are clearly communicated as required.

  • At least one year of MSc. or PhD. in CS
  • Proficient in Python and Jupyter Notebooks
  • Solid understanding of data exploration techniques – specifically data pre-processing, data validation and exploratory data analysis
  • Ability to quickly grasp the business problem and arrive at solutions for making data-driven decisions
  • Industrial experience in data engineering, software development and/or data analysis is an added advantage 
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Team player enthusiastic about working together to achieve excellence
  • Capable of critical and independent thinking, with a sense of  curiosity and the desire to learn new things, techniques, and technologies

Job Type: 4-5 weeks contract position

Salary: $50/hr

Work Duration: Expected 20 hours per week

How to Apply: Send your resume to with the subject “Amii-DS-PVP”