AI in Video Games: Dealing with Limited Rationality with James R. Wright

Video games have long been a domain explored by AI researchers, and researchers from Amii have a rich history producing advancements that can help across all aspects of game design, development and delivery.

In this series of short talks, you'll hear from Fellows and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs at Amii as they discuss their areas of research, highlight some interesting projects and make connections between AI research and the field of video games.

James R. Wright

Fellow & Canada CIFAR AI Chair – Amii; Assistant Professor – University of Alberta

James talks about his research interests in behavioural game theory and his specific focus on modelling multi-agent systems in which some or all of the agents are people. James is interested in understanding and predicting human behaviour – which is often not optimal or even fully rational – and applying these insights to better understand the actions and preferences of individuals. Learn more about James' work.

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