Amii’s Virtual AI Meetup Recap – Feb 18, 2021

On February 18, 2021, participants gathered digitally to watch and participate at the AI Meetup. The event featured:

George Varkey, MBA Intern – Amii

The global population is expected to reach more than nine billion by 2050, which will require an increase in agricultural production by at least 60%. As the world population increases, necessities such as land, water and other crucial resources are becoming insufficient to meet the growing demand. There is a need for a smarter approach to increase the efficiency and productivity of how we farm. This talk will cover some of the main use cases of AI in agriculture, how it brings a revolution to solve traditional farming problems and how it can help overcome the challenges of ensuring a sustainable future.

Wayne Madhlangobe, CTO & Farnoush Farnia, CEO  – Intelius.AI

Title: Value-driven AI Approach and Development in a Container

Intelius AI is a Calgary-based Startup working on providing useful fintech solutions for everyone leveraging artificial intelligence. They also offer their clients customized AI products to fit their needs and use cases as part of our consulting practice. They follow a design thinking approach in product development, which focuses on Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Their main go-to-market product in 2021 is called i2 Trader, currently under MVP Development, leveraging reinforced neural networks, adaptive predictive models, custom scenario analysis, and dynamic scenario analysis tools to make trading easy for everyone. As part of their AI consulting practice, they offer clients an i2 Platform Accelerator that consists of their innovative architecture blueprints and base pre-trained models to help organizations accelerate their AI development at a lower cost. At the session, they are going to showcase their machine-learning development approach in a container and how they operationalize our models as code. The goal is to manage infrastructure as code and enhance our MLOps.

Thanks to all who were able to join us! If you missed our February Meetup, watch it now:

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