July @ Amii | Career Opportunities, Industry Milestones, and our Last Virtual AI Meetup of the Summer

Thank you for the incredible response to our revised e-newsletter last month. We appreciate your interest in advanced research and the many opportunities to grow artificial intelligence (AI) capacity in industry.

Over the past month, we’ve welcomed more new team members, reviewed dozens of ML Technician applications, celebrated as companies completed AI projects, and have started to share the evolution of our brand. 

This month I encourage you to: 

For those new readers,This Month at Amii is our monthly update on Alberta’s growing machine intelligence ecosystem and exciting opportunities to get involved – from attending events to immersing yourself in new research, and finding ways to incorporate machine intelligence into your business.

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June Highlights: Research, Industry and Training 

Industry Updates:

  • FunnelAI is taking their first steps towards building an ML team in Edmonton, with interns starting this week!
  • Member companies ARC Resources and Willowglen have graduated from their current ML Advisements. 

Research Updates:

Education Updates:

  • Congratulations to our first cohort of ML Tech I Certification graduates! In addition to completing their course work, grads also presented capstone projects to a panel of AI industry experts including scientists, researchers and business experts.
  • Applications are pouring in for the Fall 2020 ML Tech I Certification program. Register today to combine your domain expertise with the power of technical machine learning skills and unleash unlimited opportunities for your future!

Upcoming Event

"Virtual AI Meetup" Graphic

July 16: Virtual AI Meetup

Gather with the brightest minds in the AI community from Edmonton and beyond at Amii’s Virtual AI Meetup! This month features Nick Kalogirou (Data Scientist at G2V Optics) and Shems Saleh (ML Lead at Vector Institute).

Register today!

Research Conversations & Initiatives

  • Amii Fellow Dr. Nathan Sturtevant is still conducting research on content generation for puzzle games; if you’d like to participate in this study, you can play four levels of the game Snakebird and take a survey (estimated time to complete is 1 hour).
  • Amii Fellow Dr. Levi Levis is still trying to understand how solving puzzles in different orders affects a person’s ability to solve new puzzles; if you’d like to participate in his study, you can play The Witness puzzle game (estimated time to complete is 15 minutes).
  • Some Fridays: the UAlberta AI Seminar also goes online for lunch hour presentations by UAlberta (and sometimes visiting) researchers.
  • Mondays thru Thursdays: the Tea Time Talks gathers the RLAI Lab and visitors at the end of summer days for short talks on technical topics.

Career Opportunities

  • The Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta (UAlberta CS) seeks a Lab Coordinator to help with the smooth technical coordination of Amii’s research projects.
  • Csaba Szepesvári’s research group at UAlberta CS seeks 2-3 Postdoctoral Fellows for work involving original theoretical research, collaboration with, and supervision of PhD and MSc students.
  • UAlberta & York University seek candidates for a post-doctoral appointment to be held jointly in the Fyshe research group (University of Alberta) and the Zylberberg research group (York University in Toronto).
  • UAlberta CS also continues to seek candidates for a postdoctoral appointment to be held jointly in the Fyshe and EdTeKLA research groups.
  • Our friends at FunnelAI are looking for an Edmonton-based Machine Learning Team Lead! If you have a deep understanding of ML and a burning passion to help businesses grow, take a look at the job opportunity.

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