Recommended Watching: Canadian Chamber of Commerce panel on ethical AI

Every day, artificial intelligence becomes more a part of our day-to-day lives, with more organizations, businesses and governments embracing the transformational potential of AI. That makes it essential to ensure that AI is adopted and used ethically and responsibly.

In June 2022, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel discussion on the responsible use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which included Amii Fellow and Canada CIFAR AI Chair Nidhi Hegde sharing some of her expertise based on her research into bias and fairness in artificial intelligence. She says that reducing and eliminating bias is a crucial consideration for AI and is taken seriously by those in the field.

"There are many researchers who are looking at how to mitigate this," she says.

Hegde says being careful with the data in AI models and algorithms is a key first step — machine learning relies on this information to train itself and make predictions. If the data itself is biased, the model will likely be so. However, the structure of the algorithms themselves can also prejudice the result, so responsible AI is about far more than good data.

She also notes that it is important that the question of ethical AI use isn't just left to scientists and researchers. Since it is a technology that affects everyone, everyone must have a voice in how it is used — researchers, companies, governments and the general public.

"AI impacts many different parts of our society," Hegde concludes. "That means we have to have conversations like this ... I don't think it can be just one group by itself.”

The panel also featured discussions with Julien Billot, CEO of Scale AI, Shahram Tafazoli of Weir Motion Metrics and Roche Canada's incoming President and CEO Brigitte Nolet.

Check out the full video of the discussion above

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