Preparing for the AI Revolution: Insights from Richard Sutton

"Achieving it will be an event comparable in significance to the rise of human life on Earth.”

Richard S. Sutton

Following in the footsteps of the Internet and the printing press, AI is a game-changer that's already having a revolutionary effect across many industries. It's ushering in an age of change that you can't ignore.

Given that, what should Alberta strive for? In his keynote presentation at AI Week 2022, Richard Sutton (Chief Scientific Advisor, Fellow & Canada CIFAR AI Chair at Amii) argues that we should keep our eyes on the prize: understanding intelligence – what it is, and how it works – well enough to create (or become) beings of greater intelligence.

“Achieving it will change the way we work and play, our sense of self, our sense of life and death, and the goals we set for ourselves and our societies,” Sutton says.

“Achieving it will be an event comparable in significance to the rise of human life on Earth.”

His provocative keynote explores:

  • What AI might look like in 10, 20 and 50 years
  • The importance of accepting the change and reacting appropriately
  • The meaning of intelligence and how researchers are advancing how AI works
  • How researchers in Alberta can keep their eyes on the prize of understanding intelligence through AI research

Watch it now:

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