The Tea Time Talks 2021: Week Four

The Tea Time Talks are back! Throughout the summer, take in 20-minute talks on early-stage ideas, prospective research and technical topics delivered by students, faculty and guests. Presented by Amii and the RLAI Lab at the University of Alberta, the talks are a relaxed and informal way of hearing leaders in AI discuss future lines of research they may explore.

Watch select talks from the fourth week of the series now:

Dhawal Gupta: Structural Credit Assignment in Neural Networks Using Reinforcement Learning

Abstract: Structural credit assignment in neural networks is a long-standing problem, with a variety of alternatives to backpropagation proposed to allow for local training of nodes. One of the early strategies was to treat each node as an agent and use a reinforcement learning method called REINFORCE to update each node locally with only a global reward signal. In this talk, Dhawal revisits this approach and investigates if we can leverage other reinforcement learning approaches to improve learning.

Khurram Javed: Towards Scalable Real-time Representation Learning

Abstract: In this talk, Khurram motivates the need for scalable real-time learning algorithms and presents one instantiation of an algorithm that allows us to learn deep hierarchical features in a scalable way. The central idea behind the algorithm is to build a deep recurrent network over-time. The algorithm uses shallow gradient-based learning to build new features and tests their usefulness by using them to make predictions for the task at hand. He demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed approach on a simple on-policy prediction task that requires both non-linear feature construction and memory.

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