AI & the Canadarm3: TRAIL Collision Avoidance Dataset Webinar Recap

On May 13, Amii joined MDA alongside the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The online event was a webinar and panel discussion about TRAIL, MDA’s Training AI Laboratory, and their new dataset, which will enable the development of collision avoidance strategies for Canadarm3.

The webinar provided an introduction to the Lunar Gateway program, and an overview of Gateway robotics and AI, and more information about MDA’s new dataset for AI practitioners. Participants also heard from representatives from NRC, who highlighted the importance of AI in Canada, and from the Amii team, who discussed the building of Canada’s AI ecosystem. The event also featured a panel discussion with a technical focus on the development and use of the dataset.

Data collected by MDA’s TRAIL prepares AI researchers to engage on challenges such as tasks related to collision avoidance in an on-orbit system. This webinar covered both the strategic importance of employing such datasets as well as the technical details of its creation.

Download the dataset here.

Watch the webinar now:


Chris Langley - Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Architect for Canadarm3, MDA

Cameron Dickinson – Vision System Architect for Canadarm3, MDA

Erin Richardson – Student Intern and Robot Operator, MDA

Spencer Murray – Director, Communications and Public Relations, Amii

Daniel Gaudreau Avionics and Software Lead for Canadarm3, CSA

Louis Borgeat – Acting Director R&D, NRC Digital Technologies Research Center

For any questions about TRAIL or the dataset, please contact:

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