Amii Machine Learning Technician Certification launched

In keeping with our goal to grow machine intelligence literacy in Alberta, Amii is pleased to announce the launch of our Machine Learning Technician Certification! Learn more about the course below:

Start your career in AI & ML with the ML Technician Certificate

Looking for an entryway into the world of AI and machine learning

Developed and taught by machine learning experts from Amii and the University of Alberta, the ML Technician Certificate program will teach you how to:

 – Recognize opportunities for applying ML
 – Implement appropriate models
 – Accurately evaluate progress
 – Experience all stages of an ML project

By the conclusion of the ML Technician Certificate, you will be able to construct a basic ML model, make informed decisions related to data, and articulate an ML framework to support business outcomes.

Code on a screen

Dates: Feb – Jun 2020

Location: Edmonton, AB

Delivery: 60 hrs Instruction; 100 hrs Lab Intensive

– In-person lectures
 – Hands-on case studies
 – Bi-weekly assignments
 – Applied Project


 – Early-bird Pricing (apply before Dec 25): $4995
 – New Year’s Pricing (apply from Dec 26 to Jan 12): $6495
 – Standard Pricing (apply after Jan 12): $7995

Note: The ML Technician Course is eligible for a maximum of 2/3 reimbursement through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Learn more or apply today at!