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Amii’s Virtual AI Meetup – June 18

Amii’s monthly AI Meetup virtually brings together the brightest minds AI from Edmonton and beyond.

This monthly meetup brings together the brightest minds in Edmonton’s AI community to discuss the latest topics in AI and machine learning, learn about the latest tools and techniques in machine learning, discover how companies are using AI to drive value, and network with thought leaders from Amii, local AI companies, service providers, and corporate labs.

The June 2020 event features:

Abhishek Naik – Amii researcher with RLAI Lab, supervised by Dr. Richard S. Sutton

What is intelligence? This question is central to the study of AI. Typically, people think of intelligence through the lens of our own species — how it’s demonstrated through humans. However, there is a whole world of non-human organic intelligence out there. And understanding them may help us think about AI in a new light.

Quinn Boser – Research assistant at BLINC Lab

Upper limb prosthetic devices have advanced dramatically in recent years, but they are still a long way from replicating the function of a human arm. For about 1 in 5 individuals with an amputation, they are still not worth using at all. Many avenues for improving these devices, including applied machine learning, are being explored in Edmonton and around the world. But how can we know which avenues are most effective, or if our “improvements” are really better?

This talk will explore the work that the BLINC lab and other centres are doing to improve prosthetic device technologies, as well as new techniques they are developing to assess the efficacy of these improvements. Quinn will also demo software that her team has been developing for performing integrated analysis of motion and eye-tracking data.

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