Work with Amii as an Innovation Affiliate

About the Innovation Affiliate Program


Start down the path to realizing the transformative potential of machine intelligence for your business.

Through an Innovation Affiliation, our expert Machine Learning Advisors are contracted to work closely with your leadership and technical teams to jointly develop a concrete roadmap to build your in-house AI and machine learning capabilities. Through our collaborative approach, we’ll guide your teams as you fundamentally shift the way your organization thinks about data and decision making.

Working alongside your technical and business experts, we’ll work to jointly develop a long-term AI strategy to build your AI capabilities to transform your business.

We’ll help you:

  • Develop an actionable strategic plan that drives AI-enablement

  • Shift your systems and processes to be AI-ready

  • Build your team’s knowledge & technical skills

Becoming an Innovation Affiliate

Our Innovation Affiliates include companies with a will to invest significantly in building in-house AI capacity, a long-term vision for innovative AI solutions and a demonstrated ability to drive business model benefit through AI.

Through a future-focused, collaborative relationship as an Innovation Affiliate, you will:

  • Determine key business opportunities that can be enabled using machine intelligence

  • Define your AI objectives and the relevant methodologies for achieving your goals

  • Identify and fill gaps in your data pipeline and your team’s technical knowledge

  • Develop skills and knowledge your staff need to implement and maintain machine intelligence-driven solutions

Global Leadership, Alberta Focus

As an Edmonton-based organization, we prioritize collaborations with businesses located in Alberta.