REMI: Reducing Emissions through Machine Intelligence

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Be a leader in emissions reduction

Amii is seeking its final round of Reducing Emissions through Machine Intelligence (REMI) program participants.

The REMI grant funding is available for a limit time. Apply today!

Accelerated solutions to complex problems

Reducing methane pollution is an essential pillar of Canada’s climate plan: a plan that includes a rigorous target of reducing emissions by 40-45% below 2012 levels by 2025 with hefty fines for missing the mark.

To meet these targets, both government and industry are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce emissions and all eyes are on AI.

That’s where we come in.

Amii's REMI program provides an opportunity to harness the power of AI to accelerate your organization's emissions reduction strategy.

And thanks to a grant from the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Parks TIER Program, we are able to offer the program to selected participants at deeply subsidized pricing.

Is REMI right for you?

Optimizing logistics and reducing waste, preventing forest fires, using carbon capture to carbonate your favourite fizzy drinks, and more...

Companies of all shapes and sizes are coming up with creative ways to use AI to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving operations and increasing revenue.

As long as your project has the potential to reduce GHG emissions in Alberta (even if it's not your primary objective), you could qualify for subsidized pricing on your next AI project with Amii.

The REMI program could be a great way for your company to adopt AI strategies at significant cost savings. The best way to find out if it's the right fit for you is to apply.


What to expect as a REMI participant

We take a phased approach to set your team up for success at each crucial junction of your project - from ideation to proof-of-concept model - with clear outcomes and progress at each milestone.

Download the REMI Program Guide for more about program eligibility, process and pricing.

The Amii advantage

We have taken some of our most in-demand offerings and made them even better by developing sector-specific knowledge bases, and creating opportunities for networking, peer-to-peer mentorship, and ongoing professional development opportunities for your team.

  • ML Foundations

    • Learn foundational skills and how to think about business problems from an ML perspective
    • Understand use cases
    • Gain confidence in knowing what AI can and can’t do
  • AI Planning and Initiating Series

    • Brainstorm ideas for how ML can add business value to your company
    • Create an AI Adoption Business Canvas for your business with a map of AI projects to move forward
    • Identify ML potential for GHG reduction
    • Gain a peer-to-peer network and greater exposure to the AI community
  • Problem Scoping

    • Define, specify and scope your first ML emission reduction project
    • Mitigate the risk of introducing AI/ML projects into various operations, processes and business lines
    • Receive mentorship and coaching, trusted co-opetition peers
  • Build a Machine Learning Model

    • Advance a selected ML emission reduction project to a proof-of-concept model, with guidance from Amii, that can then be used to support a business case for further development and implementation
    • Reduce GHG emissions by identifying operational trends and patterns quickly that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to detect using traditional techniques
  • Certificates and Executive Training - Exclusive Pricing

    • Receive priority enrolment and a 20% discount on our ML Technician Certification and AI Strategy and Management Executive Course
    • Extend this benefit to your entire organization to ramp up AI knowledge and expertise to move future projects forward faster

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