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Go deeper on your ML projects

Ready to go deeper into AI? Advanced Technology is for companies looking to solve some of the toughest AI challenges.

Our Advanced Technology team works on long-term projects that require interdisciplinary expertise and often the translation of the most current ML research in near real-time. For ambitious clients, the team is ready to work on multiple AI projects in parallel and in multi-stakeholder settings.

Our Process

  • AI Research Planning and Initiating (AIRPI)

    AI Research Planning and Initiating (AIRPI)

    This multi-day session brings your company’s technical and domain experts together to explore research and advanced applications of AI to help you achieve your business goals.

    Through expert facilitation by Amii’s Machine Learning Scientists, Project Managers and Product Owners, your internal team exhausts your options, dives into assumptions and risks, and sets priorities for your AI work. In addition, Fellows-in-Residence, Fellows and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs are often invited to participate in the process when related to an aligned field of research.

    Following your session, your team is provided with an AI Opportunity Map that documents your new direction and provides further insight for consideration.

  • Advanced Tech Project

    Advanced Tech Project

    These projects tackle research-level applied AI projects that often require the navigation of complex stakeholder environments. Interdisciplinary teams work closely with clients to progress projects by providing guidance, advice, and hands-on work in the project as provided by ML Residents and project-specific Associate ML Scientists.

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