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The Machine Learning Exploration Program is intended for startups that are interested in learning more about machine learning (ML) and how it can directly impact their business and drive business value for them.

The program is free, online and consists of a series of workshops, check-ins, coaching, and self-directed work times that are dedicated to helping startups explore areas such as:

  • What ML is and is not
  • Responsible AI
  • Business use cases of ML within Startups
  • Brainstorming and evaluating business problems & opportunity areas
  • Choosing, evaluating and mapping ML Questions
  • Tools & techniques for data & ML

We've helped over 112 companies through the ML Exploration program.


Startups will leave this program with:

  • A list of 2-5 ML questions/problems to consider pursuing in the near future

  • Those ideas mapped out using an Amii Opportunity Map

  • An idea of what they need to do to get their data ready to start building the proof of concepts for each question/problem

Applications are now open!

Applications for the April cohort are now open. Applications close on March 26, 2024.



Eligible startups must:

  • Be working on a scalable, software-based solution/product
  • Be considering the adoption of AI and/or machine learning technologies in their products in the next 1-2 years
  • Have an annual revenue between $0 to $2,000,000
  • Commit to the workshop, homework & coaching session in the given time
  • Commit to completing the feedback survey and NPS survey after the program

Program Agenda

Expected time commitment is around 4-5 hours per week

  • Session 1: Intro to Machine Learning Exploration
  • Session 2: Generating and Evaluating Business Opportunities
  • Session 3: Turning Business Opportunities into ML Questions
  • Session 4: Tools and Techniques for Data and ML
  • Session 5: ML Question Evaluation and AI Opportunity Map
  • Session 6: 1-on-1 Coaching Session with ML Scientist

Program Guide

Curious if the ML Exploration Program is the right fit for you? Our Program Guide outlines all of the details including program topics and activities, outcomes, eligibility and application process.

Questions about our Startup programming?

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