Revolutionizing supply chain through AI: introducing the next cohort of our Supply Chain AI West program

Now more than ever, we are seeing the importance of supply chain networks. As shelves go empty and prices rise, consumers are experiencing the downstream effects of supply chain disruptions.

“Moving a product from creation to consumption involves a lot of moving parts, and the last two years have demonstrated what happens when one or more of those parts are compromised,” says Adam Danyleyko, Amii’s Product Owner - Startups. “The good news is, Alberta has lots of forward-thinking startups working to improve the process using AI and machine learning. And Amii’s Supply Chain AI West program aims to help them create AI-powered supply chain products and solutions to meet these challenges.”

In November, Amii announced the launch of the Supply Chain AI West accelerator stream. The first cohort, announced in June, included Routeique (a cloud-based, end-to-end order and delivery management solution) and IronSight (an Uber-like platform that connects the demand and supply side of industrial field services).

Now, we are excited to announce the next four program participants:

Meet our second cohort

Integrity Technology Solutions is a Calgary-based audit automation company, focusing on using AI and machine learning to validate invoices in the energy industry. The solution offers both real-time audit and post-audit intelligence -- meaning auditors can fix problems in a quicker, more accurate and cost-effective manner, and operators can expedite time to cash, acting as the equivalent of a “TSA Precheck” for accounting transactions.

“We are excited to join the program to expand our network in the machine learning space and have access to world-class coaches,” says Cody Austin, CEO of Integrity Technology Solutions. “We look forward to unlocking value from our data to make a more financially efficient supply chain.”

“We're excited to work with other Alberta-based entrepreneurs in the program, guided by the support of Amii, to develop industry leading technologies that will change the world.”

Chad Hayden, CEO, Galatea Technologies

Calgary-based Galatea provides energy industry operators with a technology platform to digitalize, optimize and automate transportation workflows – enabling businesses with the data and tools necessary to maximize operational, financial and environmental performance.

“We're honoured to be part of the Supply Chain AI West program. We see a future in which machine intelligence applied to conventional logistics workflows unlocks incredible opportunities to build sustainable industry and supply chains,” says Chad Hayden, CEO of Galatea Technologies. “We're excited to work with other Alberta-based entrepreneurs in the program, guided by the support of Amii, to develop industry-leading technologies that will change the world.”

Venturi Engineering Solutions is a boutique engineering firm based out of Edmonton, specializing in energy-based data analytics, optimization and hydraulic modelling.

“As pipeline engineers transitioning to energy analytics, Venturi is thrilled to participate in the Supply Chain AI West program to accelerate strategic direction in machine learning for software solutions,” says Anthony Chan, CEO of Venturi Engineering. “This program will help nurture the internal skillsets required to tackle data-driven challenges with power optimization and emissions control. But above all, we can’t wait to build meaningful friendships with the community of experts and like-minded businesses!”

Ontopical specializes in business intelligence solutions, using machine learning to help businesses of every size build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and stay on top of current and future government developments.

“Ontopical is excited to be included in the second cohort of Supply Chain AI West!” says Chris Fulton, CTO of Ontopical. “We look forward to collaborating and building out first-to-market implementations of natural language processing for our business.”

How Amii helps

Over the next eight months, program participants will sprint through a variety of activities, including:

  1. Training: Amii upskills CTOs or technical team members, with additional opportunities to engage team members in non-technical activities to align AI strategy.
  2. Coaching: One-on-one sessions with technical teams to discuss progress, obstacles and brainstorming next steps. Coaching at Amii works on an accountability model, meaning that participants must share and demonstrate work done in the previous sprint to secure and progress to the next meeting.
  3. Peer-to-Peer Network: Supply Chain AI West peers present ideas, share progress and work through challenges together.
  4. Office Hours: Participants can talk to the Amii team for individual interaction pertaining to their progress, obstacles and next steps.
  5. Investor Prep and Demo Day: Participants gain feedback and insights on how to showcase AI progress to investors, then celebrate their success and make connections to the broader AI ecosystem at Demo Day. In preparation for this opportunity, startups will receive investor relations mentorship with an AI lens.

Apply for our third cohort

If your team has the drive, flexibility and motivation to solve big problems, now is the time to work with us! We’re currently seeking ventures tackling challenges in the supply chain domain to join us for our next cohort. This includes storage and warehousing, distribution, procurement, production, supply chain finance, urban mobility and autonomous vehicles, retailing and logistics - land, air and maritime.

If you’re ready to start your application, book your discovery call with Adam Danyleyko!

Thank you to SCALE AI for their ongoing commitment to develop AI capabilities in Canadian startups and scaling companies. The extensive program support available to approved companies is made possible, in large part, due to their investment in Amii. Read more about the project announcement here.

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