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About Us

Impact in Business

We’ve invested in advanced AI research for decades. Now, we’re here to steer your company to the best path forward to adopt these breakthroughs.

We partner with companies of all sizes, across industries, to drive innovation strategy and provide practical guidance and advice, corporate training and talent recruitment services. The true potential of AI is unlocked when you build internal capabilities, and that’s where we excel.

What We Do

  • Virtuous Circle

    The Virtuous Circle represents our role in creating world-changing machine intelligence.

  • AI Adoption Spectrum

    The AI Adoption Spectrum is a tool we use to identify a company’s current capabilities in AI and to best tailor our support to meet those specific needs.

Our Story

Explore our purpose, values and origin story as one of Canada’s three centres of AI excellence as part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy.


Our People

Our incredible people are the reason we’re able to do incredible work. Meet our team of bright, curious and talented individuals.

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Get involved in Alberta's growing AI ecosystem! Speaker, sponsorship, and letter of support requests welcome.

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Curious about study options under one of our researchers? Want more information on training opportunities?

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence

Let us know about your goals and challenges for AI adoption in your business. Our Investments & Partnerships team will be in touch shortly!