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In our rapidly changing world, artificial intelligence is creating a significant competitive advantage for companies that want to grow.

Solving customer queries, improving fraud detection, producing more crops with fewer resources, detecting disease earlier, optimizing shipping routes to save time and money, harnessing data to predict the need for future products and more…there are so many ways to advance your business with AI.

We empower organizations to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible with AI. Drive down costs. Boost efficiency. Strengthen the core of your business. With AI, you and your business can do more. You can be more.

Be more with Amii

Amii is one of three named national AI Institutes in Canada.

As a non-profit, we’re motivated by advancing the field of AI. We bring a human touch to AI by bridging global-leading research and industry through what we call our virtuous circle.

This circular operating model enables our world-leading researchers to focus on solving tough problems while our teams translate those learnings into applied business solutions – creating an integrated system that allows both research and industry to advance.

We work with companies big and small, across all industries, at every stage of AI adoption — from those just starting out, to those ready to tap into advanced technology — and take pride in helping out clients build confidence and produce results.

Ready to be more?

We’re primed to help you and your company adopt the latest AI and machine learning, so you can tap into a whole new level of potential and develop a clear, long-term strategy that works precisely for you and your goals. But first, let’s make sure our approach is the right fit for you.

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How We Help


Transformation starts with learning. And education is baked into everything we do at Amii.

Build your team's common language and understanding of ML, dive deep into technical knowledge, and learn how to help your team thrive as you integrate ML into your business.

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Industry Solutions

We’re process-driven, just like our clients. Whether your company is looking to use AI to improve operations or AI is part of your core product offering, we can help you with:

Identifying, understanding and prioritizing business cases for the application of AI

Proving out the potential, and possible risks, of a specific AI project before investing too many resources

Acting as the trusted coach, supervisor and accountability partner for your internal teams as they take on an AI project

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Startups have special needs. They tend to move faster than traditional industry and deal with more day-to-day priority shifting. That’s why we have a dedicated Startups team at Amii.

Our Startups team supports companies whose solution to their client’s problems is the technology they sell. To meet the needs of startup founders, the Startups team focuses on creating peer networks, just-in-time coaching, and reducing the delivery time through an accountability model.

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Advanced Technology

Ready to go deeper into AI? Advanced Technology is for companies looking to solve some of the toughest AI challenges.

Our Advanced Technology team works on long-term projects that require interdisciplinary expertise and often the translation of the most current ML research in near real-time. For ambitious clients, the team is ready to work on multiple AI projects in parallel and in multi-stakeholder settings.

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Internships & Residencies

You need incredible people to action your company’s AI project. We can help you match the right opportunity with the right candidate, leveraging our AI Career Accelerator and Talent Pipeline.

Internships & Residencies can help your company progress two milestones at the same time: advancing your AI adoption and building out your machine learning team.

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