With diverse expertise in AI and machine learning, our researchers lead the world across many subfields and application spaces, including reinforcement learning, precision health, natural language processing, heuristic search and game theory.

Reinforcement Learning

Learning through experience

Amii researchers are pioneers and leaders in the field of reinforcement learning (RL), a branch of machine learning that enables AI systems to learn through experience. RL systems interact with their environments, often through trial and error, earning positive or negative rewards based on their actions. Humans define the overall task and relevant rewards that the system uses to discover the best action to take in a given situation.

Instead of being told what actions to take to achieve a goal, the system must learn which actions yield the most reward by trying them. Over time, the system develops a policy (or way of acting) that lets it select the action that will best achieve the goal, which can help us discover the optimal actions to take in a given scenario.

Reinforcement learning can be used for process optimization and improvement, as part of a recommender or intelligent tutoring system, and for adaptive control and decision making in autonomous systems.

Research Areas

Our teams conduct AI and machine learning research in a diverse range of subfields and application areas. Learn more about some of our key areas of impact below.

  • Reinforcement Learning

    Reinforcement Learning

    This branch of machine learning enables AI systems to learn to achieve goals through experience.

  • Heuristic Search

    Heuristic Search

    Foundational to many AI systems, this area of research increases the speed of a system by improving an algorithm’s ability to search for and find approximate solutions to a defined problem.

  • Precision Health

    Precision Health

    An AI application space, this area assists healthcare providers through individually tailored diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning for physical and mental health.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing

    At the intersection of computing science and linguistics, this research area focuses on understanding and improving how systems process and analyze human language.

  • Games & Game Theory

    Games & Game Theory

    This research area focuses on understanding and optimizing strategic interactions between individuals within an environment. It includes human interactions as well as game playing AI.

  • Deep Learning

    Deep Learning

    With applications such as computer vision, translation and classification systems, this branch of machine learning relies on a network of nodes for distributed information processing.

  • Robotics


    Within the field of AI, the study of robotics includes the development of control and sensor systems for autonomous and semi-autonomous mechanical systems.

  • Privacy, Bias & Explainability

    Privacy, Bias & Explainability

    Focusing on security, fairness and interpretability, researchers in this area work to improve AI systems and their interactions with humans and human systems.

  • Social Network Analysis

    Social Network Analysis

    With connections to graph theory, this research area develops techniques for analyzing, organizing and visualizing complex networks of interacting entities.

  • Data Mining & Information Extraction

    Data Mining & Information Extraction

    Research in this area focuses on developing and improving techniques for analyzing vast amounts of data and extracting useful information and insights.

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