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AI is transforming business. Learn how you can be part of that transformation.

Companies around the world are embracing AI & machine learning. As the industry grows, so too does the demand for quality talent.

Learn how you can grow your knowledge and skillset with our training programs, taught by our world-class team of scientists, science educators, and dedicated instructors.

ML Foundations 1

3-hour live online class + 3 hours of on-demand content

Get a crash course in applied machine learning (ML)! This one-day class covers the ML process, how to define an ML problem, and social and ethical concerns around AI. This session is recommended for all stakeholders -- from users to management, as well as technical staff -- to ensure a common language and understanding of ML.

ML Foundations 1

ML Foundations 2

3-hour live online class + 3 hours of on-demand content

Taking a more technical focus, this one-day facilitated workshop will explore data considerations when undertaking ML problem definition, as well as understanding data needs, proxies and the Machine Learning Process Lifecycle.

ML Foundations 2

AI Ethics 1 - Governance

A workshop in partnership with the Digital Governance Council (DGC)

This 3-hour workshop is an opportunity for companies of all sizes to ensure their development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) models uphold the best practices in AI standards and governance. The goal is to build awareness of best practices in AI ethics, enabling companies to take action to mitigate against future risk.

AI Ethics 1

AI Ethics 2 - Deployment

A workshop in partnership with the Digital Governance Council (DGC)

This 3-hour workshop focuses on the practical aspects of mitigating risks in AI systems. Participants will learn to detect and mitigate bias and implement strategies to monitor and assess these systems. Participants will gain hands-on experience in building an ethics framework designed to mitigate risk through the stages of AI adoption. This workshop is the second workshop in this AI Ethics series.

AI Ethics 2 - Deployment.png

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We offer free teacher resources to help you develop AI knowledge & skills in your classroom.

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