ML Foundations 2

Continue to build foundational knowledge about AI & ML, taking a closer look at technical concepts.

ML Foundations 2

Continue your AI & machine learning journey.

In ML Foundations 1, you cultivated a high-level understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Machine Learning Foundations 2 continues to build on that knowledge by introducing you to tools, strategies and knowledge regarding data and ML.

At the end of the class, you'll receive your ML Foundations 2 Badge to share on Linkedin and beyond!

What will I learn?

  • Continue to build your foundational knowledge of AI & ML, including:

    Continue to build your foundational knowledge of AI & ML, including:

    • The characteristics of data and big data
    • How the three categories of ML work
    • Applying different kinds of ML solutions based on the ML problem
    • What constraints are and how they’re used
  • Tools and techniques to help you plan, execute and evaluate ML projects:

    Tools and techniques to help you plan, execute and evaluate ML projects:

    • The ML Process Lifecycle, a framework that leads you through the process of developing an ML solution for a specific problem
    • How to structure data and build a strong data strategy for your organization
    • How to build an interdisciplinary team with the necessary expertise

You should take this class if:

  • You want to reinforce and grow your base knowledge of AI & ML
  • You want a closer look at the technical aspect of AI & ML
  • You are thinking of taking the ML Technician course and want a taste of the curriculum
  • You and your team want to continue growing your vocabulary and understanding together
  • You are managing a technical team and want to develop your understanding of how technical users will work in this space

Class information

This class is $250 CDN and includes 3 hours of facilitated instruction and 3 hours of self-directed online learning. Live online classes begin at 9 a.m. MT.

This is the second step in your AI learning journey, which will set you up for a deeper understanding of more complex concepts and tools.

Following the ML Foundations 2 class, you will be able to move onto the ML Technician Certificate course to develop your ML knowledge and skills in order to define and execute a machine learning project that supports your organization’s business priorities.

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