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Industry Solutions

Amii was founded on a vision of progressing fundamental AI research while also finding ways to help industry adopt this powerful technology.

It was critical that we do this work while demonstrating our commitment to the ethical and rights-based development of AI knowledge and applications.

And that’s how our mission of AI For Good and For All was born.

AI For Good and For All

AI for good and for all isn’t just a slogan; it’s the driving force behind what we do.

Aligned with the spirit and intent of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we build, use and audit our strategies in accordance with three key principles:

  • Fairness & Non-Discrimination
  • Privacy & Security
  • Accountability & Professional Responsibility

We endeavour to include opportunities for all stakeholders, regardless of their technical sophistication, to understand AI technology and its applications.

We work with a wide range of partners to challenge our understanding of best practices, promote thought leadership, and draw from the wealth of knowledge created by our peers.

As one of Canada’s three National AI Institutes in the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, we collaborate with some of the world’s top academic institutions specialising in AI and machine learning research. Our world-leading researchers focus on advancing the field of study and fundamental research while our product teams translate those in-lab learnings into industry applications.

By working with Amii, you’re supporting this continuous loop of AI advancement for the betterment of your business and society.

How we help

Every company using AI technology is on an AI Adoption journey. And each journey is unique.

Different problems and strategic needs will require a personalized path to success.

Sometimes, it makes sense to take advantage of existing solutions to get to market faster. Other times, building a custom solution is what you need to create the long-term value and differentiation you’re after. And in some cases, a hybrid approach where you draw on partners while simultaneously developing your in-house capabilities is your best way forward.

Some companies will use AI to tackle multiple business problems. Others will focus on just one key differentiator.

Some AI projects will move to more advanced stages. Some won't.

With Amii, whatever path your AI adoption journey takes, your team has a built-in guidance system for their projects and aren’t left spinning their wheels when they encounter uncertainty, issues or roadblocks.


Find your fit

Our product teams are here to meet your organization where it’s at, coach and mentor your team through key decisions and processes, while validating and de-risking your investment along the way.

  • Training: Build your team's common language and technical knowledge as you integrate AI into your business.
  • Industry: Develop a clear, long-term AI adoption strategy that works precisely for your business goals.
  • Startups: Increase accountability and reduce delivery time with just-in-time coaching.
  • Advanced Tech: Tap into a whole new level of potential using the latest in machine learning.
  • Internships & Residencies: Recruit incredible people to action your company’s AI project.

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