Amii Academic

Through the Amii Fellows, our researchers at the University of Alberta, and our Canada CIFAR AI Chairs, we progress foundational and applied knowledge in AI and machine learning, fostering the next generation of breakthroughs and landmark discoveries.

Amii Academic

Long-term research and near-term innovations

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Supporting research and student development, the Amii Centre at the University of Alberta serves an administrative function that empowers autonomy and a researcher-led approach to managing and distributing Amii provided funding and supports opportunities for student engagement.

At the heart of Amii Academic are our Fellows, a role that is unique to the University of Alberta in recognition of our long, collaborative history. Through the work of our Fellows, we advance world-changing AI and machine learning research, train some of the world’s top talent in the field, and help make the University of Alberta one of the best places in the world for AI.

Affiliated Research Labs

Working out of the University of Alberta, our Fellows lead and contribute to scientific labs that advance the state of the art in AI and machine learning.

  • Reinforcement Learning & Artificial Intelligence (RLAI) Lab

    RLAI seeks to create new methods for reinforcement learning (RL) that remove limitations on widespread application and to develop RL as a model of intelligence that approaches human abilities.

  • xAI Lab

    Researchers in the xAI Lab work to advance the frontiers of scalable methods for building domain models that support human-interpretable explanations of an AI system's behaviour.

  • BLINC Lab

    BLINC (Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control) is an interdisciplinary lab where medical, science, and engineering researchers collaborate to improve the control and performance of robotic prostheses.

  • Intelligent Robot Learning Lab

    The IRL Lab focuses on fundamental reinforcement learning research and applying artificial intelligence to real-world settings in both simulated and physical environments.

  • Moving AI Lab

    The Moving AI lab conducts research broadly in artificial intelligence, including areas such as heuristic search (single-agent, multi-agent, game-tree), learning (in search and traditional games), game playing, and video games, among others.

  • Other Research Groups

    Our Fellows and early-stage researchers work collaboratively in research groups that allow us to move forward robust research programs that drive advancement in AI and machine learning research.

Leaders in Research

Our Fellows explore a broad range of topics in AI and machine learning and maintain a deep expertise across research areas.

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