ML Foundations 1

Build a foundational knowledge about AI & machine learning using real-world examples.

ML Foundations 1

Learn the basics of AI & machine learning.

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) increase in popularity, so does the public conversation -- a mixture of information, misinformation, stories and speculation. This can make it challenging to build a knowledge base for these powerful tools.

Get a basic, high-level understanding of what’s important and relevant at Machine Learning Foundations 1. Each month, we offer this two-part workshop comprised of one live 3-hour virtual session and additional content to be completed independently online.

At the end of the class, you'll receive your ML Foundations 1 Badge to share on Linkedin and beyond!

What will I learn?

  • Build a foundational knowledge about AI & ML, including:

    Build a foundational knowledge about AI & ML, including:

    • The definitions of AI, ML and data science, and how they all fit together
    • What automation is and where it’s effective
    • How a company arrives at an AI solution -- whether you build it yourself, buy it from another company, or partner with an external expert -- and the pros and cons of each
  • Walking through real-world examples of AI & ML applications, you will learn:

    Walking through real-world examples of AI & ML applications, you will learn:

    • Where AI creates business value and competitive advantage
    • How to properly construct an ML question related to business problems and objectives
    • How to identify red flags as you are scoping or executing your AI project
    • How ML works and your role in making it work
  • In addition, contextual information will inform your view of AI & ML:

    In addition, contextual information will inform your view of AI & ML:

    • The evolution of AI and innovation
    • Ethical and societal considerations around the application of AI

You should take this class if:

  • You are interested in and want to have a basic understanding of AI & ML
  • You want to tap into the language and have productive conversations around AI & ML
  • You and your team want a common starting point and vocabulary
  • You are a technical person who wants to understand the business role of AI & ML
  • You are a business user or manager who wants to understand the technical role of AI & ML

Class information

This class is $250 CDN and includes 3 hours of facilitated instruction and 3 hours of self-directed online learning. Live online classes begin at 9 a.m. MT.

This is the first step in your AI learning journey, setting you up for a deeper understanding of more complex concepts and tools.

Once you complete ML Foundations 1, continue to build on that knowledge at ML Foundations 2! The class takes a closer look at technical concepts, introducing participants to tools, strategies and knowledge regarding data and ML.

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