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We partner with startups, SMEs and enterprise companies to support their needs as they explore and drive AI/ML adoption in their work.

Our Project Management, Science, and Education teams come together to provide expertise and hands-on support for our industry partners.

Engagements with Amii start with an exploratory meeting with a member of the Investment and Partnerships team to best understand the company’s needs and desired outcomes. For companies ready to move forward, proposals include a recommended engagement length, and research, advisement, and education opportunities that will move you towards success.


Advanced Research Advisement
Advance research problems in your industry domain

Advanced Research Advisement is best suited for companies with sophisticated execution teams and want to move forward a tech report, prototype, or research paper. Over the course of a year, the engagement aims to push the boundaries of applied research by addressing open research problems in a specific domain.

Amii Fellow Sessions
Gain insight into your AI/ML research and projects from a world-class expert

An Amii Fellow Session is an additional service available for a Project Advisement or Advanced Research Advisement. In a two-hour session, technical experts from your team will participate in a facilitated session with an Amii Scientist and Fellow to explore an identified topic, knowledge transfer, and offer guidance on potential research and project opportunities.


AI Planning + Initiating Session
Gain a foundational understanding of AI/ML and map four opportunities for AI/ML projects at your company

In this facilitated session, domain experts from within your organization form an AI/ML working group and map four tangible cases for AI/ML projects using our Artificial Intelligence Business Canvas. Working with Amii, your AI/ML working group will set priorities and next steps, identify near-term quick-win projects, as well as strategic opportunities for high-impact AI/ML investments in the future.

Participants will receive high-level, foundational training in machine learning concepts, and gain experience in identifying machine learning tasks in their business workflows to enable future, self-directed idea generation.

Scoping Advisement
Define ML opportunities and prepare your company to take on an ML project

Scoping Advisement ensures your teams, systems, and resources are prepared for an ML project with Amii. Working with an ML Project Manager, companies set milestones, and at the end of the engagement are empowered with a summary of data readiness, an understanding of risks, and an executable project definition.

Project Advisement
Develop a proof of concept or improve your ML system

Project Advisement guides your company to de-risk and remove barriers for applied ML projects. Advisement supports your technical team as they advance specific projects through proof-of-concept or experimental analysis of failure.

Topical Whiteboard Session
Gain insight into a specific topic related to your AL/ML project

A Topical Whiteboard Session is an additional service, in advance of or as part of a Project or Scoping Advisement, that provides two-hours of dedicated exploration on a specific AI/ML topic with an Amii expert. The session is an opportunity to gain insight into an AI/ML topic of pressing interest for your technical team or business domain expert.

Grow your AI/ML Team

Talent Advisement
Gain a clear understanding of the technical competencies of candidates for senior AI/ML roles

Through Talent Advisements, Amii will work within your established HR processes to support your efforts to hire senior AI/ML team members. Amii teams will work with you to clarify the role, provide assessment materials and conduct technical interviews for up to four candidates; you will receive a technical assessment of each candidate, as well as a summary of qualitative observations related to their domain expertise and approach to AI/ML practices.

Supervised Internships
Source great AI/ML talent and complete a research project

For Supervised Internships, Amii works with you to identify projects that are suitable for work with an intern, source candidates through our post-secondary networks, fast-track your Mitacs application (if applicable), and supervise your intern through their four-month engagement. Your research project can be up-and-running in as little as two-weeks once an appropriate candidate is found.

Supervised Internship costs can be offset through a partnership with Mitacs; they provide $7,500 in funding for each approved internship term.

Internships (Unsupervised)
Talent recruitment and support through the Mitacs process

For Unsupervised Internships, once you identify a project suitable for an intern, Amii can source candidates through our post-secondary networks and fast-track your Mitacs application. Your research project can be up-and-running in as little as two-weeks once an appropriate candidate is found.

Unsupervised internships can qualify for additional support through Mitacs; they provide $7,500 in funding for each approved internship.

ML Lead Program – Accepting Requests (Program Delivery Begins Q2 2020)
Full talent recruitment and retention support to start your AI/ML team in Alberta

Build your AI/ML team in Alberta to take advantage of our deep well of talent and leading-edge expertise, regardless of your base of operations.

Amii will draft the job description, manage recruitment, onboard and integrate your new employee with the Amii team, offer knowledge exchange opportunities with Amii Scientists and Fellows, provide a workspace, and embed your staff as part of our local community. As your AI/ML needs grow, we can lead out additional talent recruitment efforts.


Friends of Amii Membership

The Friends of Amii Membership is an opportunity to showcase your company’s ongoing commitment to AI/ML research while participating in unique opportunities for professional development, network building, and first-access to research and science updates. Friends of Amii receive:

— A Friends of Amii Monthly Digest with insights on AI/ML research by our Fellows and students
— Invitations to quarterly events to connect with our community of professionals, partners, and researchers
— Two registrations for a Ml Primer Session
— Access to AI Seminar video stream and archive
— Company recognition on select Amii marketing collateral
— An opportunity to qualify as a Recommended Partner to provide AI/ML (and associated) services beyond the scope of the Amii mission and mandate.

Audience Specific Programming

Sponsorship opportunities to offer AI/ML professional development, networking, and upskilling opportunities for underrepresented and underserved audiences are core to many of our post-secondary, funding, community, and industry partners. Work with Amii to develop a unique engagement in AI/ML to support your STEM-focused corporate giving and community support goals.

An example of this program in practice is the initiative that connects women with opportunities, companies, and industries specializing in AI and technology in Alberta. When community leaders stepped forward with an idea, Amii Education and Community teams developed and deployed a cohort-based program with nine AI/ML companies participating.

Future opportunities for sponsorship and custom program development are available to companies looking to make a transformational investment into AI/ML.

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