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Sept. 16, 2020 - Sept. 16, 2020
11:45 AM – 1:45 PM MDT


Free, local, bite-size analytics talks.

Free, local, bite-size analytics talks.

Amii is proud to support our province's growing AI community. Lunchalytics is produced by Darkhorse Analytics and operates independently of Amii.

Analytics is the use of data and analysis to improve the performance of an organization. In other words, it's the search for a free lunch. Ergo, we combine compelling speakers with a free lunch.

The format: Five speakers, five minutes each, 3 bullets max (If you can't kill it with three bullets, you can't kill it).

Interested to learn more and speak at Lunchalytics? See their website for more details

To view past presentations, check out the Lunchalytics YouTube page.

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