FunnelAI job opportunity: ML Team Lead

Do you have a deep understanding of ML and a burning passion to help businesses grow?

We’re pleased to share an opportunity from our friends at FunnelAI, an enthusiastic team that aims to revolutionize customer acquisition and retention through their AI-based platform. We’re working with them on a number of projects to scale their capacity in AI/ML, and look forward to working directly with the successful candidate, too!

The team is looking for a Machine Learning Team Lead with a strong background in ML (particularly natural language processing and deep learning), as well as an interest in building unique and transformational B2B products. The position is located in Edmonton, Canada.

We highly encourage you to take a look at FunnelAI’s posting if you want to help shape the company’s AI/ML strategy, have your great work integrated into the product without delay, and share FunnelAI’s core values of innovation, active learning, collaboration and people-centric technology.

Visit the ML Team Lead job posting!

Are you looking to build your AI/ML team in Alberta? FunnelAI partnered with us to take advantage of our deep well of talent and leading-edge expertise — and you can, too. Drop us a line and ask to speak to our business team about the ML Lead Program.