Letter from Amii CEO Cam Linke


2020 holds incredible promise for Amii. We’re focused on inspiring world-changing machine intelligence, for good and for all, through research, advisement, and education. 

  • We advance leading-edge research in AI/ML by funding academic research and empowering industry leaders to invest in Alberta’s world-leading talent and expertise.
  • We grow business capabilities and capacity in AI/ML for startups, SME, and enterprise clients to support their growth, improve operations, and solve complex problems. 
  • We build Alberta’s AI/ML workforce by funding research positions to teach the next generation of professionals, and by developing and delivering educational training for technical teams, managers, and executives.
  • We strive to be the leading AI/ML research institute in the world by 2025 

Now more than ever, our partners in industry need expertise and resources to build their in-house AI/ML capacity to drive their economic success forward. We’re uniquely positioned to support companies across sectors, including energy, healthcare and agriculture, to gain a competitive advantage by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and creating resilient systems.

Fostering Alberta’s AI/ML ecosystem is at the core of our work. Engagement through local student and community events; as well as national and international speaking opportunities and major event activations allow us to build a foundation for our work now and in the future, while nurturing a much-needed pipeline of AI/ML talent for our partners and clients. 

For us to deliver on our promise to make AI/ML the primary driver of sustainable growth for Alberta’s economy, we’ll need your support to reach more businesses, highly qualified professionals, and students that are eager and willing to come on the journey with us. 

Let’s go!


Cam Linke, CEO

Cam Linke

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