Federated Learning in Healthcare Projects & Beyond – AI Meetup Recap

Amii’s Virtual AI Meetup is a monthly event where AI researchers, professionals and enthusiasts gather to learn and chat about AI-related topics.

The February 2023 edition of AI Meetup discussed using federated learning (FL) in healthcare projects and beyond.

Federated learning is a method of decentralized ML which enables many individual collaborators to contribute to training AI models without exposing their data. The conversation covered the purpose, benefits and drawbacks of FL.

Moderated by Payam Mousavi, Amii's Applied Research Scientist, the conversation featured:

  • Amii Fellow Ross Mitchell, sharing his experience contributing to a global FL project
  • Amii Fellow Randy Goebel, sharing his theoretical perspective on FL and how it can and should be applied

Thanks to all who were able to join us! If you missed the Meetup, watch it now:

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