AI4Good Lab’s Demo Day showcases innovative AI applications for mental health, inclusiveness and more

Using machine learning to predict seizures, improve mental health, sniff out scams and make more sustainable transportation choices — these are just a few of the exciting projects showcased at AI4Good Lab's 2022 Demo Day.

Amii is proud to be an expansion partner for the AI4Good program, which brings together women and others whose genders are underrepresented in the AI industry for an intensive 7-week program that includes a machine-learning Bootcamp and mentoring from researchers and business leaders. This year’s program was the largest yet, with 90 participants taking part from 25 universities across Canada, including 29 in the Edmonton cohort hosted by Amii.

This year, in addition to Amii, AI4Good partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University to host thirteen teams across three regional cohorts: Montréal, Edmonton and Toronto.

Participants also work together to develop innovative, AI-driven projects to address social concerns. This past Tuesday, the program hosted its virtual Demo Day, held virtually on June 21, allowing teams to showcase their work and discuss future plans.

"Demo Day is the culmination of four weeks of education and three weeks of project development that brings together all the TAs, lecturers, speakers, mentors, sponsors, partners, and experts who've supported the participants along the way," says Wendy Halle, AI4Good's Interim Executive Director.

"The participants put their heart and soul into these projects and presentations. We are so proud of all that they have accomplished over the past seven weeks. Congratulations to the 2022 AI4Good Lab Cohort, who can now proudly call themselves alums!"

Toronto presentations


EpiHealth is a seizure prediction and detection app that uses AI and biometric data from wearable wrist devices to give people with epilepsy autonomy over their condition.

Happy Path

Happy Path uses machine learning to bring users a more positive Instagram experience. It uses AI to identify potential negative or harmful images, replacing them with personalized positive alternatives. is a platform that allows users to gauge their risk of addiction and drug-related harms, helping minimize the potential for adverse health outcomes through education and user empowerment.


Reimagine helps any group of people with the desire to read complicated text easily by transferring text to simple yet interesting stories.

Montreal presentations


The emotive app uses machine learning to detect users' emotions and generates psychology-based tasks to help achieve mindfulness.

Tyro helps you track and predict your hormone levels without having to wait for your next blood test


KYMN is a smart journaling app with a chatbot to help monitor users' mental health status day by day.


CarAIbou uses machine learning to help motivate people to make sustainable transportation habits by creating predictions from personal actions.


fairsay is a virtual meeting plugin that strengthens team communication and encourages inclusiveness by highlighting interrupted or looked-over discussions.

Edmonton presentations

Scam Hound

Scam Hound uses AI and AI explainability to help users learn to sniff out fraud in their inboxes.

Implexis AI

Implexis AI uses AI to unite people through consensus - identifying echo chambers within a user's social media feeds and working to reduce political polarization.


HealthWhere decodes healthcare access in Canada to help empower data-driven decisions - providing information on the locations of healthcare resources as well as using AI to highlight gaps in healthcare access across the country.

Mood Ring

This mood journal app to helps detect & track emotions, and identifies if mental health illness symptoms are present from a user's text.


FocUS brings exposure to smaller volunteer organizations in order to give equal recognition and opportunity to volunteers across Canada through an AI-driven recommendation model.

At the end of the demonstrations, one team from each region received the AI4Good Accelerator Award, which includes funding, promotion and specialized mentorship to help them refine and expand their project. This year's Accelerator Award winners were Epihealth (Toronto), tyro (Montréal) and HealthWhere (Edmonton), who were evaluated on the innovation of their idea and the potential positive impact it could have on society.

"The AI4Good Lab enables learning, connecting with an incredible community, and getting experience in building AI applications to bring innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society," says Warren Johnson, Amii's Product Owner — Talent.

"It's always a pleasure to attend the Demo Day and see applied AI projects that participants have been so committed to throughout the summer. At Amii, we look forward to supporting them as they continue pushing their projects forward and exploring career opportunities in AI!"

This year's AI4Good event was sponsored by CIFAR and Osmo, with Amii and TMU as expansion partners. The program is also supported by organizations including Google, DeepMind and Ivado.

To learn more about AI4Good, check the breakdown of last year's Accelerator Award winners from Edmonton and Montreal.

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