How AI & the brain can learn from each other: an Alona Fyshe keynote

Alona Fyshe presents on the similarities between the human brain & AI and how to leverage this relationship

Our brains are complicated, mysterious systems. Though we use them every day, we still don’t entirely understand how they work. So naturally, the same can be said for artificial neural networks, a machine learning (ML) method inspired by the structure of the human brain.

In her keynote presentation at AI Week 2022, Alona Fyshe (Fellow & Canada CIFAR AI Chair at Amii) asks: can we use one to help us understand the other? In other words, through research, can we gain insights into neural networks that help us understand the human brain and vice versa?

Exploring the Relationship

Focusing on representation – the way information is received, processed and then understood – Alona’s team has been comparing how human brains and neural networks handle information.

Her keynote shares insights on this promising relationship, including:

  • The similarities in how human brains and neural networks handle visual information
  • What this could mean for convolutional neural networks (CNNs)
  • How human brains and neural networks handle language
  • How this could help us build better language models

Watch it now:

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