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Hi there,

We’re almost there. AI experts and enthusiasts from around the world will be in Edmonton for Upper Bound, May 21 - 24. 

I’m excited to have them — and you — join us here for the conference. That's what I look forward to the most for Upper Bound, the strong feeling of community, bringing together people in the AI world who might never meet otherwise. 

It really is a rare conference that brings together people in AI from academia, startups, venture capital, government, business and more. To have all of those people in the same place discussing AI is an exciting time. The "in-between" sessions are maybe the most exciting where a collision of ideas and discussions takes place.  
This year, we have speakers from some of the most innovative and influential organizations in artificial intelligence. Folks like Barret NewmanDiego Magalhaes from AWSDeepmind’s Doina PrecupNVIDIA Senior Solutions Architect James Sutton and Amii alumni Jack Newton, who has built an incredible company in Clio.

That's just a few of them. You can check out the rest of our speakers on the Upper Bound website

I’m also curating an entire theme dedicated to the Business of AI, where you can learn from industry leaders how artificial intelligence can help businesses grow, manage risks and build high-performing teams. Our Executive AI Summit has been a great lead up to that, helping business innovators learn the foundations of machine learning. Bringing together business leaders to do deep dives into specific topic areas to start each day is very exciting!

Time is running out to get your Upper Bound passes and join in on a great week with the people shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Don’t miss out. 

PS: And feel free to bring some friends along. Check out our group rate discounts.

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Upper Bound Highlights

There's a lot going on at this year's conference that explores the potential of artificial intelligence in every sector. Of the many themes we're exploring this year is AI & Startups, which included these amazing sessions:

  • When Worlds Collide: How Corporates and Startups Can Be Better Together
    This panel will feature two corporations and two startups at the forefront of AI commercialization. The panellists will share insights into the role of AI in their industries, the challenges of commercializing AI, and the opportunities that arise from adopting AI in business.
  • How are Canadian Startups using AI to solve the world's Biggest Challenges? A Panel DiscussionThis panel discussion will feature a conversation between Adam Danyleyko and leaders from a variety of Canadian AI startups. We will discuss how AI is leveraged by Canadian startups across various industries to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.
  • ML in Non-traditional Areas

    Explore exciting, unique and lesser-known applications of AI to solve business problems. The focus will be on startup methodologies and emerging applied AI technologies and products.

And we've got even more planned. Buy your pass now for access to sessions on Applied AI, AI in Agriculture, Blue Sky Research, AI in Energy & Environment, Generative AI and more!

Upcoming Events

May 23: 7:00 - 10:00 pm

One Big Party

Mix and mingle at the Canadian ICE House/Banquet Bar in the Edmonton ICE District.

The Party @ Upper Bound is your chance to make connections and forge friendships with your fellow AI enthusiasts. Party snacks included.

Get your party ticket

May 22, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Community Event: Opportunities & Challenges of AI Applications in Biotech

We’re excited to announce that Nucleate’s AI in Biotech initiative is partnering with Amii to put on an evening of networking and a panel discussion around Opportunities & Challenges of AI Applications in Biotech! Everyone is welcome to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, collaborate, and expand your network with a diverse community of enthusiasts, innovators, and industry leaders!

See the schedule

May 22, 2:00 PM 3:00 pm

Community Event: Applied AI

Recent news showed various AI investment plans around the world. With the growing interest to learn AI/ML, ISAIC presents a panel discussion on Applied AI. With five panelists from different industries, we will discover ways to utilize Artificial Intelligence in solving today’s challenges.

See the schedule

May 22, 4:30-7:30 pm

Community Event: Are We Ready For The Change? An AI and Health Show Debate

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform healthcare, promising unprecedented improvements in diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient outcomes. As AI integration accelerates, it brings with it a host of ethical, technical, and practical challenges. Are we truly prepared for this shift? Join us at the AIMSS Upper Bound Community Mixer and Dinner on May 22, 2024 at the Stanley A. Milner Library for a dynamic discussion that delves into these pressing issues. 

See the schedule

Don't-Miss Deadlines

  • Get involved with Upper Bound by hosting your own community event during the conference. Deadline for applications is May 13. 
  • Want to add some flavour to your Upper Bound experience? Grab a Food Hall pass to add to your conference pass - they're available until May 3. 
  • Test your reinforcement learning skills: we're still registering for our AI Competition. Solutions are due May 10, and the top three finalists will be announced during the conference!
  • Want to get involved and sponsor Upper Bound? It's not too late. Connect with Nafisa today!

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