The Deal with Disinformation with James Wright | Approximately Correct Podcast

With generative AI becoming more and more powerful, seeing is no longer believing.

Amii Fellow and Canada CIFAR AI Chair James Wright joins hosts Alona Fyshe and Scott Lilwall to tell the truth about telling lies. Wright talks about his work on disinformation, how artificial intelligence is affecting how we view information online, and why it’s much more complicated than just a technical question.

He also shares his experience in behavioural economics and how studying humans leads to advancing AI.

Head the episode now (Apple, Spotify).

Approximately Correct: An AI Podcast from Amii is hosted by Alona Fyshe and Scott Lilwall. It is produced by Lynda Vang, and Keely Booth, with video production by Chris Onciul and social media support by Jen Tomski.

You can hear episode three of Approximately Correct on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other podcasting services.

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