Four Directions to Sail Your Ship: advice for AI talent recap

On February 22 2022, Kory Mathewson — research scientist with DeepMind and Amii alum — gave a presentation on how students and early-career AI talent can help tell their story and advance their careers.

His presentation, Four Directions to Sail Your Ship: Internships, Scholarships, Entrepreneurship, and Mentorship, explores where to find opportunities to gain experience and build relationships within the artificial intelligence community.

"Science, especially computing science, is a team sport. It is focused on openness and communication, honesty and connection," he says.

In the presentation, Mathewson goes over strategies that people can use to tell their personal stories and highlight their skills effectively: whether it be to nail a job interview, land a great internship or win a coveted scholarship.

He also shares a few personal experiences from his time as a student and now early-career researcher — both the successes and the failures.

Check out Kory's full presentation:

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