Recommended Reading: Amii recognized as top supply chain solutions provider

Amii named one of Canada’s Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers for 2022 by Logistics & Transportation Review. Read about how Amii helps supply chain-related companies adopt AI.

Amii is proud to be recognized this year by Logistics & Transportation Review as one of Canada’s Top 10 Supply Chain Solutions Providers.

This past year, disruptions to the global supply chain resulted in massive challenges. Stock shortages, rising prices and longer delivery times inconvenienced consumers and impacted the global economy.

There are no easy answers when it comes to improving the supply chain. It is a massive network of complicated systems, where changing any one thing can cascade into a series of downstream effects. Luckily, AI and machine learning (ML) are primed to tackle problems with high levels of complexity.

As explained in the Logistics & Transportation Review article Amii: Breaking Through Operational Setbacks with All-Round AI Adoption, “AI and ML are bringing the promise of detecting and analyzing supply chain vulnerabilities to accordingly strengthen the entire supply chain against oncoming threats in the future”.

Amii has helped many companies working on addressing supply chain issues. Adam Danyleyko (Product Owner - Startups) says in the article: “Be it startups or MNCs, we help companies of all sizes build a wide range of internal AI and ML capabilities as a key partner throughout their entire AI-adoption journey, no matter where they start from”.

Amii has cultivated ML expertise in supply chain-related companies through training, one-on-one coaching, as well as connecting companies with peers working through similar challenges. Domains include storage and warehousing, delivery and distribution, procurement, production and finance.

Read the full Logistics & Transportation Review article now!

Visit our Industry Solutions page to learn more about how Amii can help your company adopt AI and ML.

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