Apply now: Machine Learning Technician Certification meets the growing demand for AI expertise

Combine your domain expertise with a science-based approach to machine learning and the power of technical skills

Amii is now accepting applications for the Machine Learning Technician Certification, which runs from September 21 to November 19, 2021! Learn more and apply to earn your Amii Certificate of Completion on our course page.

Modern businesses recognize the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) but are also facing a severe shortage of skilled workers. The demand for AI and machine learning (ML) expertise is growing across all industries. Through the marriage of domain expertise, a key understanding of the science of machine learning and foundational technical skills, companies can gain their competitive advantage.

Be part of that advantage.

This live online training course empowers you to develop a machine learning perspective that combines the statistical, mathematical and computational knowledge and skill sets that are necessary to build a first machine learning proof-of-concept. You’ll experience all stages of a machine learning project: from problem definition and data preparation; through model selection and tuning; to model evaluation based on your business outcome.

You’ll graduate from the course with:

  • A foundational, science-based understanding of machine learning
  • The skills to confidently create a business case for an ML project at your company;
  • The ability to undertake an ML project or apply for a job with AI/ML requirements;
  • Experience with all stages of a machine learning project.

Dive deeper into one learner’s experience in our ML Tech Case Study!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and scope an ML problem that aligns with your organization’s business outcomes
  • Pre-process, collect and summarize the most appropriate real-world data for your model
  • Build the right model for your business problem by using sound estimation principles and accurately evaluating the performance of your ML model
  • Understand the science of machine learning, where it comes from and how it works
  • Apply Amii’s ML frameworks that support the effective and efficient development of ML models

Build your confidence in applying machine learning to industry problems

The course is delivered live online through eight weeks of instruction and one week of capstone project presentations. The course is $4,995 + GST (CDN) and is eligible for a maximum ⅔ reimbursement through the Canadian Job Grant.

Course Snapshot

This digital-only course has been created to upskill or reskill anyone with basic technical skill sets.

  • Course dates: September 21, 2021 – November 19, 2021
  • 9-week duration (8 weeks of instruction; 1 week of capstone presentations)
  • 100 hours of training, including live online lab, lecture and group sessions
  • Applied project-based course with group assignments and final project
  • Earn an Amii Certificate of Completion
  • Cost: $4,995 + GST (CAD)

Prepare yourself to meet the growing demand for AI expertise:

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